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A Little Insight about the Abyssinian
The Abyssinian is an affectionate intelligent cat, very people orientated, extremely active and a cat that thrives on interaction and play. They are not constant lap cats, rather, they need to know what you are doing; like to help you make a telephone call; read your newspaper or make your bed, in fact they insist on being included in all family activities as a right. Whatever it is, an Abyssinian has to be totally involved. Abyssinians are not always ideal for every one so if this higher level of activity will annoy you then a quieter breed should be sought. 

Abyssinians make good family pets but tend to bond with Adults and older children rather than young toddlers. Abyssinians are not vocal, having a small bell like voice to communicate. They prefer and seek higher places to sit such as backs of chairs, refrigerators and scratching poles. They get on very well with dogs and will quickly teach the dog who is the boss. Abyssinians can be taught to fetch and retrieve small objects and because of their dog like antics, they are often attractive to men who previously thought that they did not like cats. Once a relationship is formed there is no breed more loyal than an Abyssinian. Expect to be greeted with enthusiasm and devote 10-15 minutes attention to your Abyssinian on your homecoming. Being "people" cats, they can become very lonely if left for long periods of time alone so it's often wise to have two as company for each other.
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